Technical Support of HKAEL Telephones

1. KP-9228 feature phone
- Instruction manual

2. PR-6202 feature phone
- Instruction manual

3. Tru-Tone TT-1000 feature phone
- Instruction manual

4. FX-3000K CallerID phone (Korea Vesion)
- Op. manual -(in English)

5. HK210K CallerID phone (Korea Vesion)
- Op. manual -(in English)

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Trouble Shooting Guide:

Problem: No dial tone
• Check all modular plugs to be sure they are firmly in place.
• Are the cords damaged in any way?
• Try another phone jack. If your telephone works on another jack, there may be a
   problem with your wiring.

Problem: I hear my phone dialing, but I can not get past the dial tone.
• Check the Tone/Pulse switch. If positioned in Tone (T) mode, switch to Pulse (P).
   You may have pulse dialing service.

Problem: Phone does not ring.
• Is the ringer switch set to the "Off" position?
• How many extensions are connected to your line? If more than five telephones are
   installed on the same line, you may need to contact your local telephone company to
   determine the maximum number of extensions for your calling area.

Problem: The sound volume is too low.
• Is another extension off hook? If so, hang up the extension.

Problem: Memory dialing does not work.
• Carefully review STORE sequence and re-enter your programmed number.
• Did you remember to pick up the handset when programming memory?


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