AEL INT100 Model: AEL INT100 Internet Phone

The AEL INT100 Internet Telephone Handset plugs in to your PCs microphone and speaker jacks and provides high quality audio, while eliminating the feedback and delays that disrupt most Internet voice calls.

The INT100 is a professional quality telephone handset manufactured specifically for Internet telephony use with a PC sound card. It allows full-duplex (if your sound card supports it) communication with crystal clear speech, no .popping・ and a bypass outlet for your regular speakers. This unit sounds like a regular telephone because it is.

Key Features:

• Flexible 6・cable
• Speaker bypass jack for use without unplugging external speakers
• Handset holster can be mounted on side of monitor to eliminate clutter
• Supports full-duplex communication
• Eliminates feedback and echo caused by speaker and microphone or headset
• Hearing aid compliant

System Requirements

• Compatible with all PC operating systems and Internet telephony software applications
• Older (pre-1879 model series) ESS and Soundblaster AWE64 Gold sound cards not recommended (see help page to determine your sound card)
• Requires adapter for use with older IBM ThinkPad・s (see ordering page to purchase the ThinkPad adapter). Recent .A・ series and newer units are compatible without the adapter.
• Handset is not Macintosh compatible

Software Provided

Microsoft NetMeeting
Internet Phone