640 x 480 image resolution
300,000 pixels (VGA)

Model : DC-31UC

Digital Stills Camera
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Handheld Digital Camera / Video Camera /Webcam
Resolution :
VGA 640 x 480 (300,000 pixels)
Image resolution
Best : 640 x 480
Good : 320 x 240
Memory : On board 4Mx16 SDRAM  memory allows fast capture refreshing time and fast retrieving time while downloading. Storage for up to 75 pictures VGA and 300 pictures at QVGA mode.
Lens :
f= 6mm (equivalent to 48mm for a 135mm camera)
fixed focus / electrical shutter
Focus Range :
2 ft (0.6m) - Infinity
Features :
Capture Video at up to 9 frames per second for True Full Motion Video
Self-Timer : with 10 sec delay
Power-Saving: Auto Off after 30 sec
Delete one or delete all pictures
3 pictures continuous take/sec
Image type :
Size :
Compact in size and light weight. (90mm x 60mm x 26mm)
Interface :
USB directly from camera
Power Source :
DC 6 volt  (AAA x 4)
Option parts : @
Packaging :

Clamshell - With the camera, USB cable, User Guide and CD  or Floppy Disk
Gift box - With the camera, USB cable, User Guide and CD or Floppy Disk

Software included : 1. AuraSee software Pack  2. Twain Driver

System Requirements Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Min. Pentium III or compatible PC
at least 64 MB RAM available
10 MB available hard disk space
VGA or SVGA monitor recommended
Available USB port and CD ROM drive 
[ USB driver download ]
*All specification are subject to change without notice

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