Model : Hello Kitty

Digital Voice Recorder
(up to 1, 2, 4 and 8 hrs.)



"AAA" Batteries

Feature and Function List:

1. LCD Display
2. Omnidirectional and high sensible built-in microphone
3. Real-time clock and calendar
4. Daily alarm
5. 199 messages in "OGM" mode and 20 messages in "TO-DO" mode.
6. Key hold : prevents accidental operation when not in use.
7. Two compressibility selectable.
8. Playback volume selectable : 0-10. The level of 10 means the volume is maximum.
9. Automatic gain adjustable (ALC).
10. Voice-Active-Recording (VOX), prevents unnecessary recording when there is no sound.
11. Auto-Off : power turn off automatically when stop use for 10 minutes.
12. Battery indicator : displays remaining battery capacity.
13. Fast forward, fast rewind, pause, repeat play and scan play.
14. Indication new message and the time of message in the OGM and TO-DO mode.
15. Selectively delete/All delete messages.
16. External input-output jack (option) enable to record or play from external appliances.

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